Why “The Reproducer”

Hey Reproducers,

I get a lot of questions from various people about my username. I thought it would be great if I simply took the time to address the name, for anyone who may encounter what it is we do on our platform ~REPRODUCE OR DIE~

Without hesitation, I can say I was born to be an influencer, a creator, a leader…in fact, a “reproducer”. From the time I was a preteen, I found myself being a cheerleader, of sorts, to those around me in spite of their age or level of accomplishment. It has always been clear to me that I possessed something powerful and valuable, and impactful for those around me and those who I would eventually encounter.

In high school, I was a member of the peer counseling group. In college, I spent a great deal of time with my favorite professor who loved psychology and philosophy. He helped me to understand I had a purpose far beyond what I understood at the time. As a young adult, I was a mentor and “influencer” to many young men and women throughout my professional and social circles.
Today, I work fulltime in the corporate world as a consultant and trainer.

Reproducer Or Die was created to provide insight and strategies into some of the pitfalls we face in becoming a multiplier and how to overcome them. Many of us believe we are destined to be exceptional, or to be influential in a significant way. When we feel like significance is an impossibility, often times we allow it to negatively effect our. We give up reaching for our goals. Since I was destined to reproduce what is the best part of those whose lives I encounter each and every day, my goal is to help you develop into what you desire to be, from the inside out!!!!