3 Gifts…One Question

Merry Christmas Reproducers,

I was thinking about gifts. Giving and receiving them. This time of year, we often go to great effort to find the perfect gift for those we love. Money and energy is spent loosely during this time because we want to make an impression on the receiver. We make sure it’s wrapped perfectly. We make sure it fits their personality and we hope they will like it. In our minds, we hope the receiver will find it helpful or useful in some way.

Well, we also can receive gifts that cannot be wrapped. Those gifts were not paid for with dollars and cents. And while they cannot be wrapped, they still can be as helpful or as useful as a gift we spent time shopping for. Sometimes gifts are bestowed upon us with the idea that we will creatively find ways to make it work in our lives or in the lives of other people.

I wonder what you would do if you were given such a gift. Would you except and embrace a gift that was not bought with money? A gift that was given to inspire you to influence other people…Or would you allow fear or uncertainty to prevent you from opening and exploring a gift that you may be uncomfortable acknowledging you have?

Are you the person with a gift that you are afraid to use? Listen to my most recent podcast that will hopefully inspire you to creatively utilize the gift that was chosen and fashioned just for you.

Are you a reproducer? Help someone else multiply!!!